Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Implementing Lazy Tuesdays

People tell me all the time that I clean my house a lot. I don’t even notice it because 1) it is my job. It’s what I do instead of working. I clean my house and run my home for hubby and I. and 2) I am slightly compulsive about cleaning. I am utterly incapable of relaxing in a home that is visibly dirty. It’s no so bad in other peoples’ houses because I of course realize not every home has a borderline compulsive, housewife to clean it but, in my own home I simply can’t stand to sit down with my computer or watch t.v. if things are amiss. It leaves this constant nagging voice in my had saying “You know you don’t have a right to be sitting here doing nothing when there are things to be done.” To me this is a true statement but. I wonder is that really a good thing?
It makes me happy that I take pride in my home and taking care of stuff for hubby while he works to pay our bills helps to maintain equality in our relationship and helps me to feel fulfilled. I wouldn’t change that for the world but, I’m not so sure it is healthy for me to believe I don’t ever deserve a break. So today I woke up and the house was only moderately dirty and I didn’t really feel like doing anything. I sat down and started to procrastinated. While I was trying to distract myself with Law and Order my mind started to wander and came to thinking about how much I have been procrastinating recently. I thought back over the past few weeks and saw that it was starting to be a pattern. On Mondays my house is wrecked from hubby and I both being here all weekend. I still clean on the weekends but our house is so small that if we are both here it gets immediately dirty again. So on Mondays I spend a good chunk of the day cleaning and when Ty gets home I’m exhausted and I spend the evening cooking and talking with him and trying to get my week figured out so when I wake on Tuesdays I seem to be prone to procrastination.
I have decided to make Tuesdays a lazy day to give myself a break. My plan is to wake up on Tuesday mornings and clean the house as little as I can manage. Today I washed enough dishes for there to only be a few left in the sink, wiped down the counters, cleaned the litter box, picked up the living room, made the bed, and then lounged on the couch, played on the internet and watched t.v. I even took a much needed nap. It was wonderful. I am going to try to make this a weekly ritual. Wish me luck on that :) xo