Saturday, March 13, 2010

the glamour wall

This is a project that I have started with the printer/scanner/copier i got with my lap top. I am always looking for motivation and inspiration to get me thinking or moving or whatever else I may need a little nudge for. I have tried vision boards which is a concept Oprah implements which is where you take pictures of everything you want to possess or work towards and make a collage. You put this collage somewhere that you will see it often and supposedly you will start to accomplish these things just by subconsciously reminding you to work for them every time you see the board. I tried this and for me it doesn't seem to work. Maybe I am too skeptical or lack the faith in my subconscious for it to work. So I got the idea to print out pics of women who have strong characteristics that I desire to have. Women who exude these things to the point that it's the first thing I think of when i see them in t.v./movies/magazines. I printed them out and made the large collage featured above. I also added some adjectives that I want to be described as and some hearts to show my great admiration :) This is just the beginning i left alot of open space because I plan to add quotes, excerpts, more adjectives and anything else that i find that inspires and provokes.