Saturday, February 20, 2010

our first tax season as a married couple

This year was our first year to file married on our taxes. I have always done our taxes myself and i was worried that would be alot harder than filing single. fourtunately i was wrong it was super simple I used freefile and it was super easy. they give you step by step instructions and when you get your refund direct deposited it only takes about 8 days to get it. i am really proud of myself. So we got our money and hubby's check on wednesday and today is the first day I haven't had major errands and chores all day. I am thankful for the day to relax. I am also extremely thankful for some of our purchases. I finally got a new computer. Windows 7 is amazing to all who haven't tried it. I am actually posting from this nifty desktop gadget. it just hangs out on the sidebar of my desktop and i can post while i'm watching t.v. the internet. it rox. and we got a wii. they are alot of neigh sayers about the wii but me and hubby think it's frickin amazing. we get our weather and news straight from the wii. i downloaded sonic for sega genesis directly to my system. I also bought karoke registration because i love to sing and i got wii fit which is exactly what i need to lose weight. a little electronic buddy telling me i need to exercise and that i'm doing a good job though it is also gonna tell me i am fat that's still a good motivator because i'll want to make it stop calling me fat and the only way to do that is to lose weight!! So the wii fit is my first step on trying to make exercising a habit. we also got the new super mario brothers!!! I 'm so frickin excited. you see nintendo was the big thing when i was a kid and so was mario and now i can play it without having to blow in the cartridge to make it work. lol.
I have also spent alot of time rearranging and organing our house in the past few days I just finished going thru all our files i gotta hang our new shower curtains organize our closets and several other organizing like things. my fun project is printing out my fave picks adn putting them in this awesome frame i got.. so that's all for now. xo


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