Sunday, October 25, 2009


With hubby now working a later shift my old nocturnal sleep schedule is actually much closer to his schedule now. Thank goodness because I was sooo tired of stressing about sleep. I was obsessing so much I made it nearly impossible to get any sleep.
So last night around 1 a.m. I got the idea to get all of my lists (yes I am certainly a list person) that were strung between almost every notebook and binder in the house and get them all together, rewritten and organized. I had also been given about 50 lbs. of baby books which were just sitting in a chair in the living room so I knew I was going to have to rearrange our bookshelf to make them fit.
Well I moved the books around first. Hubby is going to hate it when he wakes up because they are all arranged from large to small now with all the paperbacks staked on top of each other rather than them being seperated into mine and his and his being ordered in series but, in my opinion if you have a series and book 1 and 4 are hard back and books 2,3,5 are paperback and no where near being comparable in height you are just wasting space. He's a libra so his brain doesn't work that I am a gemini and that is one of the ways my brain works. lol. So if I wake up from my nap today and they have all been moved I 'll have to blog again about the hilarious argument we will have about it.
After the hour I spent rearranging the bookshelf (and it looks lovely might i add) I started on my list organization project around 2 or 2:30. Once I got started this toothache that has been coming and going came again and it was here to stay so I just kept playing Ugly Betty on and working.
It is now almost 1p.m. and let me tell ya what I have learned.
1) being a gemini I am both type A and type B, when it comes to my lists I am type A all the way.
2) if you are obsessive like me and you are gonna work on to dos and such don't do it at night or atleast if you do don't plan to sleep because when you close your eyes your brain won't let you forget that you have more to do.
So far I have gotten my day planner (plan ahead 2010 weekly/monthly planner. $4 at walmart and it is better than the $20 version I had before AND it's just a simple spiral so it's not bulky) updated up to december 1st. I sent a few emails that were on one of my daily to dos from 2 days ago and now I am rewritting 'the ominous to do list' that was mentioned in an earlier post and I still have a huge pile of other lists in front of me from legal sheets to post its and the sad truth is these are just the ones from the past 3-5 weeks! I am not going back any further than that because if it's older than that and it hasn't gotten done and I don't remember it then it's not important.
During my nocturnal journey with the bookcase I also had to move some of my back issues of Glamour, Oprah and Self and then I ran across some old sheet protectors for a binder and got the idea to take all the articles I'm saving those issues for get a big binder and sheet protect them all so a) I won't have magazines from 2005 (i'm being serious) laying around and b) I will have the ultimate coffee table book with out paying the magazine companies $30 a peice for the same articles I have already paid for to get their coffee table books!!!
Finally, I wanted to announce that I am going to be starting my own website. I am still in the brain storming phase but it is going to be a site for newly married/committed young women who are becoming housewives and want to take pride in housewifery. I want it to be a reflection of 1950's housewives but with a much more modern twist. I know there are several sites reminiscent of this online but in this case I will research, write and actually try out all the tips I can find myself. I am a southern girl and alot of the pages I have found for housewives are also from the east or west coast and the women are a different generation than I am. I am a 24 year old southern woman and I want to be the proof that you can be strong, self reliant, opinionated, not always perfect or proper and still take pride in homemaking, still be somewhere between June and Lucy.