Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have come with tales of groceries and gadgets

First of all I would like to tell ya'll about the wonderful and cheap products I have found.
Cascadian Farms Organic Cereal
It is just sweet enough naturally, it is super filling and it's less than 3 dollars a box. Here in Texas milk is about 2 dollars a gallon. That should give you some idea of how much grocery cost is comparatively in your area.
Jello No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake
This comes in a box and calls for milk and melted butter. You put it in the fridge for 1 hour and then add the topping and serve. This is good enough and close enough to real cheesecake that if prepared with care (so that it looked pretty) it could fool most people into thinking you had been in the kitchen for hours preparing cheesecake ;) and it's only $1.85 at the local Dollar General.

Now I would like to tell you about a couple of gadgets I have stumbled onto in the webisphere. I found an add-on for the google toolbar that makes it where you can post to blogger from your toolbar. It has space for subject, label and post and the option to save a draft so if you were collecting info for a blog this would be an amazing resource to get it all here as you discovered it. Since I am always multitasking it is great to be able to blog and watch online t.v:)
I also started using yoono's desktop application and it is great. Yoono brings together all your social networking, email, rss, IMs, and internet music sites together in one place, allows simultaneous status updates across all networks, and gives you pop-up updates anytime someone posts or sends you a message and now you can download it to your computer so there is no need to even open a browser.

Finally, I would like to make a public declaration that I am finally embracing my geekdom. I had an epiphany watching the bang theory monday night. Two of the super geeky leads were arguing over whether or not Wolverine from xmen was born with bone claws. The answer to this is yes. I know this beyond all doubt because I have personally held the Wolverine Origins Comic Card (circa 1994) that depicts Wolverine with his bone claws broken and mangled from battle. This happens before he is injected with adamanthium and his skeleton is cover in this metal giving him adamanthium claws. I actually have this card in my home it is part of hubby's comic card collection. It wasn't the fact I knew the answer that threw me it was the fact that I would have argued that fact with someone had they of doubted me because I KNOW this to be CONCRETELY true. And that fact is what made me start to think over all the things like that, the fact that I always wonder why the guys in the comic/manga/gaming/roleplaying section of bookstores look at me so strange, the fact that I know what the term DM means in the world of dungeon and dragons. I know that the newest game from the makers of Baldur's Gate comes out on Oct 20th, I know how to spell Baldur's Gate, and who makes the games for that matter, I know how to beat several of the main quests on Oblivion, I know who R.A. Salvatore is. I can visual determine whether a martial art fighting style is japanese, chinese, brazilian etc. I know the difference in a wakasawshi and a katana I know which comics are DC and which are Marvel. I can do ANYTHING on facebook, myspace, twitter. I know who Stan Lee is. I can name all of Kevin Smith's movies IN ORDER. I know what wtf, lol, lmao, idk, pos, pc4pc all mean. I know batman is the only superhero with no actual superpowers. I know who the illuminati are. All of these facts, once realized, made me decide to except, embrace, and publish my geekiness because it is the age of the geek and i'd rather be me than most other people so being a geek can't be too bad. lol. ok I am done with my proclamations for the day. I am seriously considering messaging Yoono and asking them to add blogger to the network so I can be on yoono and update as the thought strikes me. hmm

Working on understanding blogger completely then the page will have better design and pics and such.

Mrs. Chambers

Friday, September 25, 2009

Have you ever had one of those days...

...not a bad day, we all have those. but a day where you figure something out and the universe seems to make a little more sense. not only does it make more sense but it goes out of its way to show you through a series of coincidences or events that reinforce your new found information. well i had a full 24 period that almost every contact i had reinforced an idea that I stumbled on to.
I have always been one to give advice. I have this issue with having an opinion about everything. I have gotten better at keeping them to myself as i've gotten older. But I have never gotten better at not letting other people's problems plague me after giving advice. I always wonder if it was the right advice even though in my heart I know I would never give anyone advice that I didn't believe in my heart and my gut was true and I've been told I'm right most of the time, I've had people believe that I am always right. But, how arrogant it would be of me to believe that God is the only being that is infallible. Apparently I do have good instincts.. when it comes to other people... but, that's not the real point. The point is that I will make myself sick and lose sleep wondering about other people's problems when no matter whether I gave them advice or not (which more than likely I did). Don't think that I mean that I just push my advice on people all the time but some people ask and usually if i have a good idea about a situation I will give my input.
Then yesterday after being up and worrying about a serious situation I realized that I have my own problems that I need to address but I am using my energy on other people. I am a very blessed person and I haven't always been but yet now at the best time in my life I am anxiety ridden and it is because I am still mourning the craziness of the world, the impurity, and I am still grasping for power in a world that I look at as out of control. But, it's not out of control. I have control, over MY life, over MY problems. Other peoples' are out of control to me but, not my own. Other peoples' problems shouldn't be in my hands and they never have been, they're still not. Only in my head were they ever my troubles.
So I have decided to purge these self inflicted toxins from myself and move on. Stop helping people that I know to be capable solve their problems because they second guess themselves. My new theory is if someone asks me for help I'm going to tell them what I know to be true: pray or meditate (whatever the belief may be) and trust your instincts because that's what they are for. The truth is I don't have the answers and it's nice not to. It's a relief and the persistent burning feeling in my stomach and tightness in my throat is already subsiding. I slept a dreamless night for the first time in a long time. 12 hours. got up at 9:30 a.m. My sleep pattern for months has been about 5 a.m. to 3 a.m. and there have been nights I haven't slept at all and still was up until 5 the next day. 36 hours of self surrender and I sleep like a baby. So my words are I don't know, but you do.


Monday, September 21, 2009

max factor

I just wanted to let people know that in January they will no longger sell max factor cosmetics in the U.S> I think this is sad because I love their panstick makeup, Max Factor himself did the makeup on I love lucy, it is the only brand you can st...ill buy real retro makeup from . So if you love panstick foundation or 2000 calorie mascara stock up. i am. I am praying that we'll still be able to order it from europe

Sunday, September 20, 2009

well this is the first time...

.. I have really talked about this.I have been having trouble transitioning into the wife/housewife roll. I have been speeding through my housework taking no care or pride in it. staying up all night and sleeping all day. being short with my husband. not making good dinners, just kinda throughing things together and there are times i go days without even stepping outside and weeks between going anywhere but home.
I realized in doing these things I am taking my husband forgranted and not showing him appreciation for working. But I am supposed to put his feelings before mine always? I enjoy the time alone but should I be going to bed with him and waking up with him even though I don't work and we have no children? Should I be ok with him wanted to play video games or reading in all of his free tiime, if he works and does the man jobs. He even does laundry a couple times a month. I know I have it good. that I am extremely blessed to have found the perfect man right out of the gate. But for some reason I am having mood swings and being easily irritable and not taking pride in anything iI do, which are all signs of depression. I don't believe in therapists or psych meds so I need to know what to do. Like step by step instruction on how to get out of thus situation. I really want to embrace retro housewifery because I know i would be happier but am finding very few step by step guides. So I am going to do some reasearch and see if I can't start a website of resources and advice I have learned from first hand experience. I am going to start out with new recipes and changing my sleep pattern. Any advice will be welcomed.

Mrs. Chambers

Sunday, September 13, 2009

hey ya'll

I spent my weekend refreshing season 2 Gossip Girl before the monday premeire. but I decided rather than not do anything productive to make a cleaning schedule, a morning routine and a goals list. after I'm finished I am going to post pics of my list incase anyone would like to follow my lead. Well I wanted to pop on to let everyone know I have not abandoned blogger talk to ya'll again soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

mental organization

I am working on a new from scratch layout for blogger so that I will feel more inspired to blog. It is the weekend and hubby is off. We are probably going to spend the weekend in. I believe it will be raining all weekend and we live in a flood zone :( so leaving probably isn't such a great idea. Especially with our two cats (the furchildren) being scared to death of water AND storms. I just spent about 3 hours downloading new images for a blogger layout and a myspace layout. My inspiration is how peaceful fall rolling in makes me feel. I think they are gonna be awesome!! I have been writing down ideas for some posts so i'm hoping once I get these layouts done everything will be clear enough to post some things. anyway xo to all for now.

Flawlessly Fearless In Texas

Monday, September 7, 2009

fall is like tomorrow!!!

Things I Have Accomplished This Labor Day Weekend
1. I learned how to knit through many mistakes and lots of trial and error.
2. I overcame a cold.
3. I cleaned my house to its most sparkly of states after 2 days of laziness due to said cold.
4. I got my husband to watch twilight with me
5. I started reading life strategies
6. mass amounts of laundry with help from hubby!
7. made new myspace background though i now want to change it to a fall back ground

1. new myspace pics!!
2. cooking three dinners because i forgot to separate my hamburger meat :P
3. making a chocolate cake because I want to
4. hopefully relaxin with hubby for his extra day off and going to bed early

So here in glamtown, Texas we had a few days last week that were cool but the summer is still trying to hang on. But for a born and raised Texan there are some sure signs fall will soon take over. The pool here in the complex is closed for the season I am pretty sure no yelling kids or soaked sidewalks in about a week. I hear the school bus every afternoon right before hubby gets home and it's quiet here all day which means the neighborhood kids must be in school. There are halloween decorations in all the stores. Then there are the thing that this Texas girl notices every year, the color of the sunsets are changing and they are creeping a few minutes earlier everyday, there is a smell on the cool breezes that break through the summer heat that makes you want to stop and sit outside and have coffee, that makes you visualize trees with red, orange, and yellow leaves and jackolaterns. I begin to dream of pumpkin pies. The a/c doesn't come on as much at night and concrete feels cool under barefeet.
There are many things that I am going to accomplish this season. why? because it is my favorite season and fall makes me feel renewed. makes me feel like it is time to wake up early and enjoy the cool mornings with a good book, coffee, and open windows. Time to have dinner on the table by sunset at 5 and be in bed cuddling watching primetime t.v. encores by 10. Time to go on long walks to look at the changes in nature everywhere. time to take a zillion pictures of everything around me. time to write all the time. Time to be festive. Time to accomplish everything I want and be the happiest I can be. there a few things I am super stoked about that happen between now and January.
1. I get to decorate my own house for halloween and I am hoping to make marshmellow spiders and worms and dirt and rent scary movies to sit in the dark and watch with hubby!
2. I am going to cook my own Thanksgiving dinner possibly for just me and Ty. for that night after we are home and i want it to all be our fave comfort foods.
3. I get to have my own Christmas Tree with mine, ty's and the kitties' presents under it
4. christmas baking for hubby and friends!!!

So stayed tune. I will be posting things like crazy about this trip I am about to embark on I want to post tips and recipes and pics and funny stories, lessons learned, accomplishments made. I am hoping this will keep me on track and maybe give ya'll some entertainment.

lotsa xo's :P
livin and learnin