Monday, July 27, 2009

awww texas mornings

I have been trying to make a lot of changes to my life all of which are for my own health and a very good cause. There is one goal I have that I lose sight of why I it is one of my goals.
You see, I have this habit of staying up until anywhere between 5 to 7 or so a.m. and then sleeping until 2 to 4 p.m. Then some nights I don't sleep at all. Others I'll go to sleep at like 6 p.m. and not wake up until one the next day. My sleeping patterns are all over the place. obviously a problem. It isn't healthy for anyone to do that. A sleeping pattern is definitely necessary.
So I set my goal to sleep midnight to 10... and then 1 to 11... and then 2 to noon... I just couldn't convince myself that getting up early was worth it. I am a housewife. The earlier I get up the longer I am here, awake with just me and the cats. But at the same time waking up at 2,3,or 4 in the afternoon feels.. pathetic, lazy, depressing and a slough of other negative adjectives; no matter what time you went to sleep.
Then last night I became impossibly groggy at about 11 o'clock and just feel asleep. This morning at 6 I woke up, it wasn't enough sleep, i was still foggy, but for some reason I didn't go back to sleep.
After Tyler went to work I got out of bed, put in the complete 4th season of Sex and the City, and made a cappuccino. It rained outside for a little while and there were no barking dogs or screaming kids to disrupt the sound of the rain falling. Our cats were quiet because they had just had their morning snack. I got to use the t.v. unlimitedly as loud as I want (thanks to microsoft and a little thing called the XBOX 360 when Ty is home I can't even touch the t.v.) I got to savor my coffee and had no need to rush to clean the house (it was actually clean by 10 o'clock) it was relaxing and I felt like I had real time to myself.
I think this could be the answer to why I am irritable and feel rushed all the time and overwhelmed. I haven't been having time to myself or enough waking hours during the actual daytime. There's only so much you can do at 2 a.m.
So 6 a.m. is a little too early because it's 1 now and I think I am going to have to take a nap but 9 would be great so that I can reap the benefits of these Texas mornings. Today I am grateful to have found my reason to go to bed early and wake up early.. one small step for penelopes everywhere.


Friday, July 3, 2009

hey ya'll

My name is Penelope, I'm 24 and I live in a small Texas town. I just married the greatest guy ever and I am lovin married life. But getting married is a big change and I am taking on the age old task of being a housewife. Now to clarify I have no intention on staying inside from dusk until dawn cooking doing laundry and etc. I want to be an elementary school teacher and work towards my doctorate in psychology. I am also very independent and opinionated. One of my other personal goals is to be a writer. I am currently workin on a non fiction piece about the 'secret life' of a small town. However, perhaps my biggest aspiration is to keep a happy, warm home, and raise happy children in a loving enviornment. I want to be able to make spaghetti from scratch, make perfect homemade lemonade, make a home that everyone feels cozy in as soon as they walk in, and eventually raise polite and well mannered children and at the same time work with children and teach them the fundamentals they need to get through life, write books that will captivate people's souls, and study to help people through the crisis in their lives.
Most people would say that is alot to accomplish but these days there are single mothers raising families on their own and still being highly successful business women. Their are women who never get married, women who have house husbands. So I think having a few degrees, some best selling books, a happy marriage, a loving family, and still be able to make an apple pie from real apples isn't so much to ask.
I am also engrossed in everything girly and retro. polka dots, hot pink, gingham, high heels, pearls, red lipstick, black liquid eyeliner, cookbooks, anything fuzzy, sparkly or cute, all social networking, ballet flats, big sunglasses, cute clothes, all shades of pink, my kitty cats, pin up girls, 50's fashion, golden age hollywood, marilyn monroe, and i really want to get more into that and learn more about it. I want to be a glamourous, intelligent, healthy, accomplished women. So that is now what I am workin on and I am gonna drag ya'll along on my journey and share all the stuff I learn on the way up! love ya'll

living and learning in glamtown, Texas.